Meet The Team

Everyone on the BHBC team has the same strong ethos when it comes to our business. We feel a friendly, relaxed but efficient atmosphere is of utmost importance and we are here to help achieve this.

We are backed up by the total commitment of the Phipps Family and this shows through with the atmosphere here and the confidence that we know that we will always get an instant response to our

queries and requests.



Business Centre Manager

Libby oversees and manages the Business Centre. Undertaking practically any task whilst spreading optimism and cheer is what she does best....

However, maybe not quite so enthusiastically before her morning litre of  tea!



Business Centre Assistant

Poppy brings the morning cheer to the office with her smile and heart, always happy to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in.

Poppy is also great for her "one liners" or "poppy'isms" as we call them, which often leads to Libby & Poppy getting into trouble for laughing too loud. 



Accounts & Reception

Chris is at the forefront of the business, managing reception and keeping a tight control

of accounts.  

She is a mastermind with figures and at making sure Libby doesn't overspend

on Amazon.

IMG_9416 (003).jpeg


Head of Housekeeping

Dominika heads up our housekeeping team ensuring everywhere is spotless. Dom also makes the most delicious brownies, needless to say definitely tried and tested on our part!


Head Gardener

aka "Ranger One" who is responsible for our beautiful gardens and grounds. Not only is he the nicest person you will ever meet, he is also the fount of all knowledge when it comes to natural history.


Head of Maintenance

aka "Bunter" who is responsible for the maintence on the Estate. If Bunter is MIA he can either be found near the kettle or by following the trail of mint wrappers that he's pilfered from the meeting rooms.



Head of HR

Loki is always available with an open ear for any colleague, she is the soul of discretion.

Her talents include greeting clients and scanning the grounds from her window ensuring Security is

still patrolling.


Phil the Pheasant


Phil is our hand reared pheasant who keeps a very keen eye on proceedings. If it's raining he can occasionally be seen sheltering in The House, but usually he’s roaming freely on the Estate hiding from the head of HR!